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Praise God for:

  • Healing experience of our patients
  • Reproductive Medicine Unit
  • Committed Staff, Students and their services
  • Support of donors and Prayer Partner

Please Pray for:

  • BUTH leaders and Staff
  • God's protection upon our hospital and leaders
  • Financial needs for various building project
  • The peace and tranquility in Ogbomosoland

This department is the spiritual organ of the hospital that renders pastoral services to members of staff, students and hospital clients. the department works effectively towards achieving the central focus of the hospital which is to glorify the Lord Jesus the Christ by giving a Christian witness through the maintenance of high spiritual standards among the staff and students of the institution and counseling patients and their attendants to achieve the same objective.

The department is headed by chaplain whose requirement to occupy the position include theologically trained with a sound clinical pastoral experience and training. He or She also is preferred to be married with an exemplary married life and above all should be a committed and active Christian of Baptist denomination.

The Chaplain leads his or her team to perform these specific duties:

  1. To see that every patient is witnessed to with a clear plan of salvation
  2. To use preaching and personal contact to present the gospel to in-patients and out-patients
  3. To present and remind regularly the spiritual goal of the hospital to students and workers
  4. To use tracts, literature, recorded tapes and any other acceptable means for evangelism and Christian development to win souls
  5. To maintain a systematic visitation programme on the wards and counseling programme
  6. To organize, participate in and encourage staff and students prayer meeting and Bible study
  7. To encourage staff and students to actively participate in the hospital spiritual ministries to patients.
  8. To advise the Chief Medical Director in all spiritual matters.
  9. To encourage fellowship and discipleship programme amongg workers and students and
  10. To perform any other duties delegated by the Chief Medical Director
Facts at a Glance
  • Established March 18, 1907
  • Transformed to a Teaching Hospital in 2009
  • Over 400 Bed Capacity
  • Over 800 Staff and Students
  • Multidisciplinary Facility
  • Family Medicine Residency Programme
  • Nursing and Midwifery Courses
  • 50000 Outpatients and 10000 Inpatient
  • Fully Accredited Training Programme
Spotlight News | (28/02/2017)
School of Nursing 2017 Form is now Available Click here for details

School of Midwifery Admission 2016/2017 is available at the school premises

Bowen Water now available at the hospital premises

Discipleship Program for both staff and students holds every Wednesday 8:00AM at the George Green Chapel

Mid-Week Service holds every Wednesday 8:00AM at the George Green Chapel

BUTH Creche Now Open 24/7

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