Management Board

Governing Board of the hospital consists of members from Bowen University Iwo and Nigerian Baptist Convention and steers the organization with policies from time to time. The Governing Board meets twice in a year. The administrative committee manages the institution locally with the Chief Medical Director as chairman

BUTH Relationship

Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH) and Bowen University Iwo (BUI) are established by the acts of the Nigerian Baptist Convention (NBC).
BUTH is the complimentary hospital for the BUI College of Health Sciences.
Significant others in BUTH relationship includes:

  • Nigerian Faithful Workers
  • BUTH Alumni
  • BUTH Friends

BUTH Ventures

These are the significant ventures of the Institution:

  • George Green Baptist College
  • BUTH Staff School
  • BUTH Creche
  • BUTH Water
  • BUTH Guest House