New Health Plan for BUTH Staff

Current Plan

  • 1.5% of gross salary of every staff is deducted every month
  • 30% of cost of care is paid by the staff each time s/he and/or eligible dependent receives care if provided by the Hospital and 50% reimbursed if care is assessed in another hospital on referral from the Hospital
  • Spouses of married female staff are not covered but children under the age of 18 years are covered up to a maximum of 4 children
  • In December 2019, 263 senior staff (GL 7 and above and 453 junior staff (GL 0 – 6) contributed 1.5% of their salaries to the plan and received care as needed

Proposed New Plan – Customized for BUTH

1.Sign on to GORAH Healthcare Ltd Plan Standard Package

2.Hospital will pay N1,125/month per enrollee, payable the month preceding the period for which health insurance cover is sought

3.Every staff and eligible dependent(s) – that is spouse, biological children or legally adopted child(ren) under 18 years – will be enrolled online

4.Children who are to be enrolled by staff members must show evidence that they are truly eligible children as defined above

5.Registration will start as soon as GORAH can deploy their staff, ICT and HR will provide support for those who need assistance and must be completed by February 15, 2020

6.A recent clear passport photo will be required for uploading and will be used to issue ID card

  1. The site is You may wish to visit to know more about the HMO

Funding of the Plan

1.All staff who are on Level 0 – 6 will continue to contribute 1.5% of their gross salary. This premium covers them and their eligible dependents

2.They will also contribute 30% copay of cost of care as further contribution to the monthly premium each time they and/or eligible dependent receive care. In order words no change from current practice

3.For staff who are on Level 7 and above plus those who are on contract and their current premium is close to or above N1,125/month, the premium is N1,125/month per enrollee. There is no copay when care is received as per the plan


1.Under this plan, spouses who are not covered under present plan, can enroll, if they desire provided the premium is paid

2.Those who have other recognized health plan and who have chosen our Hospital as the primary care provider should bring their registration cards to HR for verification. Those staff may be exempted from enrolling under GORAH Healthcare Ltd

3. There is no longer refund or reimbursement for any care received outside our facility for anyone by the Hospital

4.Any staff who is not enrolled for takeoff date of March 1, 2020 and needs care for self or dependent(s) will have to pay like any other patient who seeks care from the Hospital

5.There are limits to the services that can be assessed, just like any health insurance plan but most conditions are covered. There is no waiting period under this plan

6.Extra services not covered under the plan will have to be paid for by the staff for self and dependents

7.Staff of George Green Baptist College, BUTH Staff School, BUTH Creche and BUTH Guest House do not come under this plan. A separate plan is being worked out for them under BHAS also with GORAH Healthcare

8.College of Health Sciences staff based in Ogbomoso do not come under this plan. The University is negotiating a separate plan also with GORAH Healthcare for them

9.College of Health Sciences students should quickly conclude their on-going registration with GORAH Healthcare

10.School of Nursing students will have their own plan with GORAH and this is being negotiated currently

11.Once the plan is rolled out healthplan ID card must be presented to access care

12.Prescription forms, laboratory and other requisition forms for other services or investigations have to be signed by the Health Insurance office otherwise such requisition/prescription forms will not be honoured under the plan

Updated: 30 Jan, 2020
By: BUTH Management