In February, 2014, Prof. Eyesan was appointed as the Acting Chief Medical Director of Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso and was confirmed as the substantive Chief Medical Director in 2017. During his tenure, there were a lot of tremendous improvements in the Hospital such as the second and final clinical accreditation by MDCN for the MBBS programme and the NUC interim accreditation.
the reinstatement of the School of Nursing accreditation and the internship of the first set of the Medical grandaunts. During his tenure, there was a tremendous improvement of patients; utilisation of the Hospital from about 48,000 patients per yer to about 60,000 patients per year.
There had also been an appreciable increase in the revenue generation of the Hospital. During his tenure, some buildings and services came into place such as Renal Dialysis Centre, Diagnostic Centre,Extension of Physiotherapy, smile train and New private ward. Some disciplines were broadened and positions of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO, Deputy Director of Clinical Services (DDCS)and Director of Administration (DA) were filled.
Due to his passion for staff welfare, Pro. Eyesan ensured the first promotion of members of staff in 8 years and annual step increment for the consultants in the Hospital.
Pro.Eyesan is a passionate and committed professional and a practice leader. His hard work, prudence and diligence have greatly benefited the Hospital.
Prof. Eyesan has been considered not only a valuable asses to the Hospital but an enyoyable presence as well. This man of honour has come, seen and conquered.

Updated: 09 Jul, 2018
By: Management