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School of Nursing

The Baptist School of Nursing, Ogbomoso is an agency of the Nigerian Baptist Convention and an integral part of the Baptist Medical Centre now University Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso

Purpose of the Baptist School of Nursing:

  1. To prepare Christian young men and women as beginning professionals in the field of nursing, students who complete the three (3) years course are prepared to sit the Final Examination of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and upon their success in this examination are eligible for registration as qualified Nurses.

Objectives of the School of Nursing

  1. To develop competencies in the theoretical and technical aspects of nursing practice aimed towards preventive, curative and restorative care.
  2. To acquire attitudes, interestm knowledge and appreciation that will facilitate progress toward the optimum potential for spiritual, mental and emotional growth.
  3. To develop an awareness of community needs and to understand the role of the nurse in meeting these needs.
  4. To develop in Christian young people a desire to be positive witnesses for Christ as they minister to the patient's needs.
  5. To teach students the principles governing the spread and control of communicable diseases and participating in control, eradication and immunization programme.


  1. Training of Basic students in Nursing Education. The school serves as a foundation for their future growth and development in their chosen profession.
  2. Students, to be adequately equipped for Ophthalmic, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) and psychiatric Experience through thir posting to University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan and Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta respectively.
  3. Exposure to better community clinical experience both within and outside Ogbomoso environment.

Length of Training: Three (3) years

The first set of Students of the School of Nursing entered in October, 1981 and today God has graciously helped the school to produce well qualified, competent and proficient Nurses working in all works of life.

. Please Call: 07063749966, 08027875812, 08035248406 for further enquries or send mail to: nursing_school@buth.org.ng

Current Head of the School
Mr. Olaoye, Peter Oyinloye (R.N, R.NT, B. Sc P. Admin, M.Sc)