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BUTH by ICT/Digital Centre
Hospital Record Unit

Health Records is a clear, concise and accurate history of a patient life and illness written from the medical point of view. Is the collection of facts about patient complains, illness, treatment given to the patient and the end result for the treatment.

Presently, we have 22 years of comprehensive health records that cover outpatient, Inpatient, ANC, Family Planning, Maternal and Child health, Immunization, Physiotherapy, Dental services, Radiology, ENT services, NHIS, Laboratory Services.

The three (3) levels of our Health Records

Health Records Professionals
Health Records Technicians
Health Records Assistants

Section in Health Records

Outpatient sections - G.O. P.D, C.O.P.D and A & E
Statistical section
Appointment section
Library section
Waiting list section
Secretarial Section
Medical data classification section
Registry section - Master name index card.
Admission discharge and death section
Computer section


  1. For Health Planning
  2. For Medical Audit
  3. For Research Purpose
  4. For condition of health record
  5. For Training
  6. For management pattern
  7. For legal interest
  8. For Statistical analysis
  9. To monitor and implementation of health policies