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Internal Medicine

The Department of Medicine is one of the founding major Departments of the Teaching Hospital. The Department took off with three academic members of staff. Administrative members of staff were shared with other departments and the Dean's Office.

The Department had been in operation for six months before the first set of Clinical students resumed clinical training and lectures at the Teaching Hospital. During this initial period, the three consultants painstakingly developed the clinical programme of activities for the Department.

The rudiment of a Specialty Outpatient Department was developed to accomodate the three subspecialties that illustrate the specialties of the Consultants on ground.

General Outpatient and Gastro Enterology Clinics

General Outpatient and Neurology Clinics

General Outpatient Clinics

General Outpatient Nephrology Clinics

General Outpatient Clinics

It is worthy of note that these clinics have steadily grown in attendance due to the increased awareness of the presence of such highly specialized facilities in BUTH. We have attendance by patients as well as referrals from far and near.

we are currently in the process of upgrading the diagnostic facilities available in the Department. the 12 lead ECG machine has been reactivated by the purchase of a carton of ECG papers that should keep the machine active for the a year. We are also requesting for the purchase of an ECHOCARDIOGRAM machine which will greatly increase our cardiologic investigation horizon. Similarly, the request for the purchase of a (Hemoglobin AIC machine) would greatly improve our monitoring capability of patients with diabetes in this hospital

Our vision for the nearest future is to see in place of the following:

Advanced Endoscopic facilities for gastroenterology investigation.
Electro Encephalographic machine for investigation of seizure disorders and monitoring of ICU patients.
Spirometers for lung functions tests.
Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis facilies.
Effort is being made to attract higher caliber staff to the Department.

Prof. A. Arije
HOD, Medicine