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Radiology Department: BUTH

Radiology Department of this hospital was established as at the inception of the hospital. It is one of the necessary and important department because of its role.

It provides unrivalry radiological 24hours services for the inhabitaants of Ogbomoso and neihbouring towns.

There are two static radiological equipments (one of which is fluoroscopy) and two mobile. Mamography equipment is almost ready (for Breast Screening)

The department has only one radiographyer as at now. more are coming as the department expect more equipments. it has darkroom technicians and clerical staff.

A permanent consultant Radiologist is about to resume work but before then, a visiting radiologist is employed who carries out special radiological examinations with assistance of a Radiographer.

The entire staff are very friendly and co-operative with other hospital staff and patients with the fear of God for the smooth running of the department.

The radiology department of the hospital carries out general radiongraphic examination of the skull, Abdomen, The Vertebrae, and Extremities tec

Fluroscopic examinations carried out include Barium studies i.e Swallow, Meal, Fellow, Enema etc

Other special examinations carried out include:

  1. Intravenous Urography (IVU)
  2. Hysteroslapingography (HSG)
  3. Urethrogram
  4. Cystogram
  5. Vistolugram etc
Plan is already in top gear to install a Magnetic Resonance Imagin (MRI) to be able to carry out other special cases which ordinary X-ray equipment cannot perform.